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Death is something that most of us would rather not think about and perhaps this is why approximately 70% of people die without leaving a Will – the main reason for this is “not having time to get round to it”.

Many people only consider making a Will later in life, or they put it off because they think that it’s an expensive luxury. Writing a Will doesn’t have to be costly and is essential if you want your loved ones to be protected should anything happen to you.

By making a Will you avoid any legal problems which may arise for your family in the future. Often people in a relationship (who are not married or have not entered into a civil partnership) assume that their Estate would pass to their partner. This is not the case.

Trusts are equally important if you want to ensure that your financial responsibilities can be properly fulfilled during your lifetime and beyond.

As part of our Will service we can offer you inheritance tax planning advice to help you leave your assets in the way that would be most beneficial to your family.

Whatever your needs, Breese Gwyndaf will work closely with you to make the most of your assets. Carefully and intelligent planning for the future will benefit your family and loved ones long after your death.

We also specialise in dealing with the administration of the estate of deceased persons whether or not they left a Will.

Sometimes, issues can arise where a Will is contested. We have extensive experience in dealing with these cases.